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14 Signs that you have Adrenal Fatigue

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Stress can be a short or long term, but it can affect our bodies in many ways. Some people can handle stress and very well and others not so well.When we don’t handle stress it affects the adrenal glands.

Adrenal Fatigue Quiz     

Do feel refreshed after your night sleep?

Do you crave sugary food?

Do you feel the need for coffee, tea, or cigarettes to get you going in the morning?

Do you get dizzy when you stand up fast?

Do get an afternoon slump between 3pm- 5pm?

Do you find that you have to wear sunglasses even in the winter?

Have you gained weight especially around the middle of your belly?

Is your sex drive gone or lack of interest?

Have you got lots of energy around 10.00pm and feel that you could stay up later?

Are you really intolerant to stress or feel like you can’t cope?

Are feeling the need to snack often?

Are you waking at night 3am-5am?

Find that you are craving salty foods?

Are you experiencing poor memory or brain fog?


How many did you say yes to ??? If its over 6 -you could have adreanl fatigue !!