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Setting up your Kitchen for a Healthy Success

Now you will know exactly where to START...

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Are you sick and tired of feeling crap and you feel like all your energy is zapped away? But you want to have that ideal pinterest perfect kitchen with the pinterest perfect looking dinners? All you want to do is to set up your perfect kitchen with all the right equipment but your standing in the hardware shop, looking very confused, wondering how is this all going to happen??

But not to worry, help is at hand.

Here is my take on "How to set up your Kitchen for a Healthy Success". A real to life type of practical tips that will give you and your family the perfect wholesome food, without the stress.

Whether you are a Rachel Allen or a Donal Skehan, it does not matter. I am sure, even with my basic Home Economics schooling, this was the concrete basis of my kitchen learning and a lot of practice along with it. You know what they say, practice makes perfect!! . If you have not got the basics from School or from home learning with your Mother, then maybe it might be an idea to invest in a few cookery classes. There are a lot out there, I am sure Google will help you find the right course in your area, that will be suitable to you. This would be the Perfect Christmas, Birthday or Anniversary present, what do you think??


Chopping boards:

When you embark on a healthy lifestyle, you will be starting to chop a lot more veggies and other foods, so good chopping boards are essential. However, there is nothing worse than trying to chop on a flimsy plastic board. Try to get 3 chopping boards. (1.Raw Meat 2. Cooked Meat and other cooked foods 3. Vegetables, for the likes of raw garlic, onions or herbs)

Sharp Knives

I have about 3 knives that I use constantly. Again, like above I use one for raw meat, one for cooked foods and the other for peeling and pairing. Make sure that you have a good knife sharpener too.

Nutri Bullet

This is probably my favourite piece of equipment in the kitchen. I use my Nutri Bullet for making fantastic smoothies, grinding coffee beans, grinding nut, grains, making various nut milk, butter or even chopping onions and garlic. This wee little machine just saves time, mess and is so effective.

Slow Cooker 

This is in fact my second favourite item in the kitchen. In a nutshell, you can Slow Cook food in this cooker for 4-8 hours. You can blissfully return from work and find a delicious home cooked meal to eat. What do I use it for? Stew, soups, casseroles, bone broths and roasting meats. Today I have a full chicken, roasting as we speak. I just place it in the slow cooker at 8 am, add a 1/4 cup of water and season for taste. The chicken will be cooked at 5 pm. An absolute must for any busy household.

slow cooker how to set up your kitchen for a health success


We have come form a world of plastic Tupperware containers. Did you know that these plastic products can be extremely harmful for our health? You may have read or seen the term, "BPA free" on some products in your supermarkets. BPA are the nasty chemicals that are present in plastic products. These are endocrine disrupting chemicals that can cause harm to your health. We need to avoid them where at all possible. Choose pyrex, kilner or mason jars as storage alternatives. A little cost saving tip for you, try and re-use your old glass jars. Place them in the dishwasher to sterilize and then relabel. Cheap and cheerful.

What do you use ?

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