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3 mistakes when making Smoothies

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Detoxing, Cleanse or drinking smoothies is common to hear around with people these days. I think it’s absolutely brilliant that we are taking the time to make the smoothies, especially after indulging over festive periods, celebration, holidays or get to gathers with friends and family. It’s me included here, I always feel great after a cleanse, it resets the whole body, from that sluggish and lethargic feeling too energized and bouncing with vitality.

There are common mistakes that I see with people when embarking on a making a smoothie. So with further ado, I will share now my 3 most common mistakes.

Adding too many fruits. Don’t get me wrong fruits are fantastic for your health, packed with vitamins, minerals, water, fibre and some even regarded as super food, there’s a but some fruits can be extremely high in natural fruit sugars. In my clinic that I run I’m seeing more and more blood sugar dysregulation, that has a knock effect to other system and organs of the body. Low GI fruit are apples, pears, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. If weight loss is your goal, limit your fruit to 1-2 portions a day.Always use fresh fruit and veggies- prepacked you just don’t know what’s had been sprayed on it and how long it been sitting there in the shop, each day it is depleting essential vitamin and minerals.


Fats. We know now from the research that good fats are required for the body and more deficient in people. After all, I don’t blame people for being concerned about the fat, the media and society have a lot to answer to sending out confusing messages. You need to add a form of healthy fat to your smoothie. When you add healthy fats to your smoothie you will feel a satiety feeling after, in other words, you will not feel hungry fast. It will keep your blood sugar levels steady throughout the day, you won’t look at the clock waiting for the next break. A healthy fat such as a tablespoon of chia seeds, flax seeds or 1/2 an avocado.

Not detoxing. That fact that you are reading this shows that you probably have already detoxed or cleansed. We need to detox at least 2-3 times a year, thinks of all the times we overindulge Christmas, Easter, Summer Holidays and Family & friends parties. Our cells in our body are screaming at us to detox, we can’t expect to keep going having lots of energy etc when we overload our bodies with toxic. The body will naturally detoxify, in the liver. The liver is one of the hardest working organs in the body. One of its jobs is detoxing, but it’s detoxing from external and internal toxins. When we overload especially the liver, it’s much harder to lose weight and our liver is also used from getting rid of excess estrogen, that most female carry.

So, these points are simple but they will save you a lot of hardship if you are embarking on a cleanse or detox and not achieving your optimum health afterwards. A Detox or cleanse doesn’t have to last for 5 days or more, in fact, you probably won’t last, and you will be miserable and hanging out of the cupboards. That is why I have taken all the hard work out for you and created a 3 Day Detox. It’s effective and short and you will see the results even with that short of time. It’s a great way to start on your health buzz and reset the hormones in your body.