• Welcome to Ditch the Sugars

    Are you ready to kick the habit ?

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    This is not about Ditching every type of sugar- it’s about knowing which ones are the healthiest to use.


    With our simple Ditch the Sugar Programme

    This is where you will be to in 14 Days Time...


    Lots of Energy, with no afternoon slumps


    Sleep like a baby with a complete undisturbed sleep


    Sail through your PMT every month


    Be able to handle the stresses that everyday life will throw at you


    Have a radiant, sexy glow to your skin


    …and that is just for starters!!



    Just for €49.99

    For less than 2 cups of coffee a day

    You could change your health

    The total value of the Programme is €350


  • Ditch the Sugars Betty O'Neill

    What you will get on this Programme


    Over 100 mouthwatering and wholesome recipes and suggestions, that are easy and simple to prepare for Breakfast, Lunches, Dinner, Snacks and Smoothies. Recipes are family friendly and vegan-friendly.


    A Tip, trick or lesson every week so you learn and understand all that there is to know about sugar for the 14 days


    Support – A weekly check-in to keep you motivated while you are on the Programme


    A Private Facebook Group with Q & A option


    An Opportunity to have a one to one Consultation in Private via phone or Skype


    Lifetime access to the Programme (t&c's apply)

    Programme Bonuses

    Bonus #1

    3 Day Cleanse E-Book

    A very simple way to reset and restart your body into amazing health. It will reboot your hormones and metabolism
    You can start your journey with our 3 Day Reset Programme. Simple to make and will make you feel more energised with these mouthwatering and detoxifying smoothies


    Bonus #2

    Healthy Treats E-Book

    Our e-book is bursting with heavenly, sin-free and free from refined sugar and artificial sweeteners with delish recipes


    Bonus #3

      Phone Consultation

    The first 3 people to pay in full get a free 1:1 phone Consultation


    Bonus #4

    Gut Healing E-book

    This e-book with help to heal, nourish, grow and bring your gut health to an optimum level


    Bonus #5

    SOS Video

    For those with cravings, to help and support you if the going gets tough

  • If you are still undecided?

    Did you know that...


    Sugar is in 70% of the food in our Supermarkets


    1 in 4 adults are overweight


    2 in 3 kids are heading for obesity in Ireland


    The 4th Highest consumer of added Sugar in Europe


    Diabetes type 2 in on the increase in Ireland Beyond the Year 2030


    Avoiding Sugar consumption, during pregnancy can help to avoid Gestational Diabetes


    It is a very simple and effective approach, that you and your family can do together

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    Betty will be there to support you every step of the way through your selected Programme

    Betty O' Neill Registered Nutritional Therapist