• Reset Weight Loss Program

  • 8-Week Weight Loss Online Program

    This is what you have been waiting for !!

    All you need to know about weight loss to get results !!

    If you have tried all the " other programmes and clubs " and your weight is going up and down - frustrating !!


    You need this !!

    A sustainable programme that will fit into your lifestyle and see results so you can feel :


    have lots of Energy

    Sleep like baby

    just get you and your Mojo back !!

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    What is involved in the program?

    8-week online program

    Complimentary consultation - in person or online -at the start

    Personalised Plan - with or without macro's

    Over 70 recipes - with simple recipes, ingredients from Aldi, Tesco, Dunnes or Lidl

    Calories for each meal

    Supplement guidance and advice

    Support, accountability, coaching and motivation

    Educational - yes, you will learn a lot about weight loss - health and wellness.

    And a surprise bonus!




    Still unsure? ....here's more information

    Access to all the information on my website - private members area

    Lifetime access to the program

    No major food groups are removed


    Recipes- breakfast, main meal and snacks - macro's calculated - Simple, easy meals to fit into your busy lifestyle.

    Yes, you will feel full !!

    You can start any time - you get 8 check-ins.

    You don't need a gym membership - or if you are stuck on time to exercise - there are alway's ways around it.

    Please note that I always advocate exercise for overall health and well-being

    Weekly check-ins - accountability and feedback




    Start today with a program that you can trust to get results.

    Check out the payment options


    Pay in full Є159

    Pay in 2 amounts. Є81.99 now and Є81.99  3 week later 




    Don't take my word, check out the testimonial below !!

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    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch or email me at bettyoneillnt@gmail.com

    087 3499136