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    "Let Food be thy medicine

    and medicine be thy food "


  • Betty O' Neill Nutritonal Therapy

    Betty O'Neill

    Betty O'Neill is a qualified Nutritional Therapist and a registered member of the NTOI (Nutritional Therapies of Ireland)

    She is extremely passionate about all things to do with food and nutrition.

    It was through her own health struggles that she started to realise and learn about how much of an effect food and lifestyle was having on her own health.

    Betty believes that nutrition is the foundation of well being.

    What we eat will greatly determine our health.

    Betty is the Nutritional Expert, who has a regular spot on South East Radio with Alan McGuire's Saturday Morning's Programme.

  • Nutritional Therapy - What is it?

    Nutritional Therapy

    Is an evidence-based approach to maximising one’s health potential through individually formulated nutritional and lifestyle changes. It promotes the benefits of good, wholesome, unprocessed foods for optimal well-being, as well as the therapeutic effects of particular foods for specific health conditions.


    Treats the body as a whole while seeking the root source of health concerns rather than simply treating the symptoms. It works on the basis that we are each unique in our individual make-up, and therefore, "one size fits all" models of eating

  • How can Betty help you?

    Betty has helped lots of people, both adults and children with their health, by simple and effective changes.

    Even if it is bloating, wind, constipation or hormonal issues, she can help.

    Hormonal Balance betty O'Neill Nutritional Therapy


    PMT, menopause, PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid dysfunction​, adrenal or other Hormonal issues

    Gut Health Betty O'Neill Nutritional Therapy


    Constipation, diarrhea, IBS, chrons disease,

    IBD, ulcerative coltis,

    candida albians, allergies/intolerance's.

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    Nutrition for pre & post workouts and performance

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    Joint pains, skin conditions, lacking energy, depression or overall general health

  • Angela's Testimonial

    Angela came to Betty with health issues. Together they worked over a period of time, ran some tests and Betty created a personalised treatment plan for Angela. Angela was a fantastic client to work with, she followed every piece of advice that Betty gave and adapted all changes necessary.

    Well done Angela.

    Mary's Testimonial

    Mary came to Betty's Clinic with some health issues. Together they worked out a plan and made some changes to Mary's diet and lifestyle, but at Mary's own pace. Betty advised her to include some foods to support her needs and remove the trigger foods that were causing the problem. Mary is feeling fantastic today.

    Angie's Testimonial

    Angie came to Betty at her clinic with some health issues. Betty ran some tests and created a Personalised Nutrition Plan, which advised Angie on the correct foods to include in her diet and the foods to avoid. Betty put her on the correct supplements to support her health needs. Angie was a great client to work with, she stuck to her plan to the letter. She got great results.

  • Nutritional Services

    After our Free Health Assessment, Betty can share what type of treatments or tests which will be best suited to your needs

    "We are all individuals"

    Food Intolerance, allergy, betty o neill



    Find out what foods could be causing your health issues

    Personlised Treatment Plan Betty O'Neill Nutritional Therapy



    Created indivually for you with advice on the correct foods, supplements and lifestlye

    Diagnostic testing Betty  O' Neill Nutritional Therapy

    Food Intolerance Testing

    Vitamin D

    And many more

    Ditch the Sugars Betty O' Neill Nutritional Therapy

    Reset Weight Loss PROGRAM

    ​Fat loss program, that works for you and will for into your lifestyle.

  • Where you can find me

    Clinic days, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

    Betty's clinic is in Springpark - 10 minutes outside of New Ross

    Eircode will be provided prior to appointments.


    If you can not make it to the clinic, we can always arrange Zoom, Whatsapp or phone

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